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President Signs Executive Order Designed To Change ACA Rules

On Oct. 12, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive
order intended to change certain rules under the Affordable
Care Act (ACA). The order would relax regulations on
association health plans. This change could allow individuals
and small businesses to purchase health insurance policies
across state lines and avoid certain ACA requirements.
The executive order also directs the Departments of Labor,
Health and Human Services, and the Treasury (Departments) to
consider expanding the availability of low-cost short-term,
limited-duration insurance and health reimbursement
arrangements (HRAs)

An executive order is a broad policy directive that directs
federal agencies to consider new regulations or guidance to
implement the order’s policies. The order does not make any
changes to existing regulations.
As a result, the executive order’s specific impact will remain
largely unclear until agencies can issue further guidance.


 Following Congress’ failure to
pass an ACA repeal bill, President
Trump signed an executive order
to begin dismantling the ACA.

The executive order directs
federal agencies to expand access
to MEWAs, HRAs and short-term,
limited-duration insurance.

Agencies must issue new
regulations to implement these


December 11, 2017
The order gives agencies 60 days to
draft regulations to implement the
changes related to MEWAs and
short-term insurance.

February 9, 2018
The order gives agencies 120 days to
draft regulations to implement
changes related to HRAs.

Betty Waits